3-D Project
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:: This is Ull ::

While most of the tracks begin with refined subtlety, in most cases it isn't long at all before the tracks unfold into gloriously engaging and high-kicking instrumentals.

And it isn't just rock beats that form the backbone of these tracks, as all sorts of musical styles crop up, with funk, hip-hop and breakbeat rhythms being presented with stylish panache. Read more .....

:: Fly - Global Music Culture ::

I've never understood the 'less is more' concept preferring the hedonistic 'the more the better'. In terms of drumming, that skool would cover a range of Earth Wind & Fire to Adam and the Ants to Keepintime to the real samba orchestras in Rio or Bahia with a hundred, or even five hundred drummers.

However, you've got to be mindful of appealing to just a constituency of The Drummer magazine subscribers or Mickey Hart's Planet Drum as there's always a risk that the end result sounds more like a drumming circle exercise than a listenable/danceable album.

The initial recordings from LA's Shrine Auditorium have been transformed such that Future Primitive doesn't have that problem. Read more .....

:: Modern Drummer ::

To my ears, much of the music sounds like the kind of material one might hear at a Modern Drummer Festival, whenever there are multiple drummers sharing the stage: big, funky beats, increasingly intense ideas thrown back and forth, lots of tribal tom grooves. And just in case the idea of a long-player constructed strictly out of percussive sounds makes you wary, there's a lot of sonic color, with horns, strings, keyboards, even some spoken word in the mix. Exciting stuff."

Adam Budofsky
Managing Editor