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:: AUGUST 2010 ::

Listen to Woody and Danny being interviewed earlier this year by Paul Ripley for Manchester Radio Online

:: JANUARY 2009 ::

Danny and Woody have been laying down more material for their second album over at Mad Hatter Studios. In there just before Christmas. Danny did most of the work though!! Woody was messing around on some film soundtrack! It's sounding good, hope to have the second album out a little later this year, watch this space!

:: SUNDAY 24th AUGUST ::

Woody interviewed on WRAT.FM 94.9 on Keith and Aimee's show, The Electric Ballroom, (NJ/New York) talking about the newly released Bowie album 'Live at Santa Monica' and 3-D's 'Future Primitive' and playing tracks off 3-D's debut album. www.wrat.com Click on "listen live"

:: Recording of our debut album 'Future Primitive' ::

In November 2006 we arrived in Los Angeles ready to record our debut album in Mad Hatter Studio, originally Chick Corea's studio.

First impressions of the studio were that it is top of the range and is totally service oriented. It has a friendly atmosphere, all the latest hi-tech gear and the guys really know their stuff. Good start!

The concept for the album was to fuse the primitive rhythms and colours with contemporary and electronic sounds. To use drums in their original, traditional role and embellish this with electronic samples and live instruments drawing on influences as diverse as drum and bass, latin, funk, jazz, tribal, anything that felt right.

We'd done some pre-production on a few tracks, the rest were 'ideas' in various stages of creation, some basic grooves and percussion worked out. We started with a 'live' drum sound that was natural, as a basic, and from there adding percussion where needed, giving Danny the basis on which to produce the rest of the music for the track.

We spent the first 10 days laying down all the drum and percussion tracks. We had just over three weeks to complete the album which was pretty tight, considering this involved creating the ideas, working out the drum and percussion parts, the production and finding good musicians to work with.

Mad Hatter has great production suites so Dan moved in and started on the production of the album. We enlisted the help of other musicians, Rick Shaw played some fantastic bass and by 'bowing' his upright bass created an incredible 'cello' part. Dan handled keyboards on most tracks and a friend, Jesse Reuben Wilson laid down a couple of really cool Rhodes parts and some effects. Nick played some drums and percussion and produced one of the tracks.

The idea was to make the drums and percussion an integral part of each track, not just a backing instrument, without slipping in to just showing off with all our favourite 'licks'!

Mick Guzauski, who's mixed for so many people, (from Eric Clapton to Mariah Carey to Prince) came in to mix for us which was an amazing experience! He enhanced what we'd done to a level we hadn't imagined. Then it was mastered by the famed Bernie Grundman, at Bernie Grundman Mastering, LA.

Woody and Dan

click here to listen to some of the tracks

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