3-D Project
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:: Biography ::

3-D was formed by Woody Woodmansey and his son Danny.

Woody WoodmanseyWoody is probably best known for being David Bowie's drummer,a Spider from Mars, back in the legendary Ziggy days, playing on Man Who Sold the World, Hunky Dory, the aforementioned Ziggy Stardust and Alladin Sane. His credits also include playing with Art Garfunkel, Joe Elliot & Phil Collen (of Def Leppard fame), Paul McCartney, Edgar Winter, Hossam Ramzy & the Masters of Percussion to name only a few.

Apart from being a drummer/percussionist in his own right, Danny's natural passion and talent for producing made him the obvious choice to produce the majority of 3-D's debut album 'Future Primitive'. His influences in music range from Zeppelin, Hendrix to more cutting edge artists like DJ Krush, DJ Shadow as well as influence from Hip Hop to electronica to funk etc.

Their idea was to create music that features drums and percussion, something that hasn't really been done since the 40's and 50's with the likes of Louie Bellson, Gene Krupa and several others who led their own bands.

They wanted to explore the roots of music and where the drum featured in this and create music that followed in that tradition, "where the drums do the talking" said Woody.

Next came several 'live' appearances, a short set to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Brighton, then a DJ set in a London West End club where they played along with 6 of the resident DJ's, everything from house to hard funk. This led to 3-D having it's own spot during the night. The response was fantastic and it allowed them to try out new ideas and see what they could do.

They'd been laying down some of their ideas in Danny's home studio when the opportunity came up to go to LA and record the album at Mad Hatter Studios.

Two weeks later they were in the studio recording and five weeks later the album 'Future Primitive' was done.

Woody's eldest son Nick, also a drummer and percussionist, went along too and they invited various other musicians to contribute to the album such as bass, keys and sax etc. The result was an album of tracks whose rhythms ranged from tribal to funk, through latin to drum and bass, all with cutting edge sounds accompanying them.

Just after finishing the album they performed live at the Shrine Auditorium in LA in front of 7000 people. Nick joined them for this performance.

In 2007 Woody and Danny put together a band that included keyboards, bass and sax and they played an hours set at the WOMAD festival. This was incredible for them as it was all new material and the audience really responded to it.

Earlier this year they returned to Mad Hatter studios where they started working on the 2nd album. Right now they are gearing up for playing live and touring as well as writing new material for the album.